Asa Reilley

A fiery Draconian Fairest active in the Summer Court

Power (5) Int: 2 Str: 3 Pres: 3
Finesse (3) Wits: 3 Dex: 2 Man: 1
Resistance (4) Res: 3 Sta: 2 Com: 2
Mental (4) Physical (11) Social (7)
Investigate (2)
Occult (1)
Politics (1)

Athletics (2)
Brawl (3)
Larceny (1)
Stealth (shadowing) (2)
Survival (1)
Weaponry (improvised) (2)

Empathy (2)
Intimidation (2)
Persuasion (motivational speeches) (2)
Socialize (music scene) (1)
Contracts Merits
Dream (1)
Fleeting Summer (3)
—Baleful Sense
—Goblin’s Malignance
—Friendless Tongue
Fleeting Spring (1)
—Cupid’s Eye

Mantle (Summer) (3)
Harvest (Emotions) (2)
New ID (Asa Reilley) (2)

Asa is definitely not one to recall what’s passed. Most inquiries about her life as of late are met with a bland sort of glare and a quick change of subject. Inquiries into her life before her escape from the Arcadia aren’t too very different; they are usually met with a much more intense glare, and a slightly more abrupt change of subject.

There are rare and precious few moments, however, when she’s found it appropriate to impart a story or an anecdote from her life before Arcadia; those who’ve spent long enough around her to hear a good number of these little snippets from her life might be able to piece together a few things, though none of which Asa takes kindly to requests to elaborate upon.

Primarily, the snippets are these: she and her mother did not get along; she used to be a musician; and she feels damn guilty about something or other back there in the past. Hunches might say the lattermost has something to do with when she was taken, but it’s hard to be sure, and god knows anyone asking for clarification will be met with the most unpleasant of glares.

It might, however, be notable, that whenever the past should come up, her hand often goes to a plain silver band on her finger. And when asked about the ring? Oh, the daggers Asa can stab with her eyes; don’t even think to do it.

Asa Reilley

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