City of Roses

Wednesday 1

The session itself was rather short due to character creation taking up half the session.

Xue sp? (Leiren) was hanging out at Powell’s bookstore when she hears someone or something fall over “Save the books!”. She looks at the next aisle to see that Miles, a fellow patron and changeling has been pushed over, and there is a large human running away with a book. “I want that book!” He gets away. Miles explains that a local mage’s books were accidentally sold to the store by “some fool”, and that he’s spent all day trying to find ones that are actually relevant (instead of trashy romance novels). The two of them cope with the loss of such a cool book by going on happy book-looking time.

Solace (Mary) was mopping floors at the local hospital when she sees another changeling that looks kind of like a monkey stick his head out of his room and go back inside. The guy’s chart says that his name is Carl, and he’s hospitalized with a head injury. He expresses a desire to “escape the hospital” because “my motley needs me!” Solace tells him that he needs to rest and recover and offers him use of her cell phone. Carl is unable to get through, so he gives Solace an address and tells her to see what’s going on. The Wizened there asks Solace to deliver a stack of papers back to Carl. Solace decides she needs sleep, so she just leaves a message with the receptionist and goes home. On the way, she tries to see what the papers are. She cannot untie or cut the string that holds the papers together, but she determines that they are rudimentary maps of the Hedge.

Later that morning, a yeti in a fedora arrives at the group’s home. Sprout (Felicia) sees this from his lens and mirror system, but isn’t too interested. Katrina (Allison) opens the door. The ogre asks to see Solace, introduces himself as Harold, and asks her to give him the papers. Solace says that she’s supposed to give the papers to Carl; Harold says that he admires her tenacity but with a hint of menace “I really NEED those papers.” Solace calls Carl, and Harold agrees to this plan. Harold has coffee with the rest of the group while Solace is on the phone. First appearance of Gar (Walker). Carl tells her “Harry’s a great guy; go ahead and give him the papers.” Harold tells them that Carl’s motley was mapping the Hedge for him. If any of them want a job doing the same, it’s open to them.



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